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The brands that get the most benefit from social data are those that take it to the next level, by utilising social intelligence. The data gathered through listening technology is analysed and used by some of the world’s largest brands to refine and improve their marketing efforts across a range of activities.


Social listening – or more accurately social media listening – is another way of saying social media monitoring. It is the process of capturing mentions of your brand (or anything, really – brand, topic, hashtag, competitor, etc) that are found across the internet. It need not necessarily be social media sites; it also includes tracking blogs, news sites, forums and so on. It is, if you like, the harvesting of online data. Public data, that is. Social listening companies either purchase, or through their own proprietary crawlers, aggregate social data - this applies to public facing posts and mentions only. Private Twitter profiles and Facebook or WhatsApp message groups are examples of ‘dark social’ or closed platforms that are beyond the reach of social listening.

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