Brands are overlooking the needs of two of the most important groups of customers, and it's costing them millions. Who are these people whom brands are failing? Men and women.

The reality is that many brands have never really cracked the complex mystery of gender and figured out what it means for their business.

In truth, understanding the mysteries of men and women has never been easy whether on a personal or professional level. Over the past 50 years the world has witnessed a remarkable rise in female paid employment and with it has come changes to gender roles and identity. Each decade since has seen some sort of progress, but many of today's brands are only just arriving upon third-wave gender principles, such as the abolishment of gender role expectations and stereotypes. This is why, according to 2015 Kantar Futures U.S. Yankelovich Monitor, 76% of women and 71% of men believe that 'the way they are portrayed in advertising is completely out of touch'. The reality is that a world where brands consistently consider the needs of each gender from product conception through post purchase is still a dream.