Jobs to be Done is a framework that analyzes products and services based on the real – and often hidden – reasons that a consumer buys. He or she “simply has a job to be done and is seeking to ‘hire’ the best product or service to do it.”1 Rather than segmenting markets by customer demographics or product characteristics, it looks at the marketplace from a consumer perspective. Starbucks, for instance, understands that its customers often ‘hire’ it not just to provide a cup of coffee but a comfortable place to linger during an open space in their day.

Where to start: Why people buy what they buy – what Jobs do they need doing?

Think of the last item or service you purchased and what needs your purchase aimed to satisfy. Did you buy a book to bring to the beach because you wanted a short, breezy read? Did you decide to dine out with your children because it was convenient or because you wanted a bonding experience? Consumers’ reasons for making purchases are multifaceted, often are specific to their own lives, and perhaps are not what they appear to be on the surface.