B2B customer experience

Bruce Temkin
Temkin Group

Bruce Temkin, of the Temkin Group, examines how B2B companies are putting resources into improving their customer experience, as they realise it's the key to brand loyalty.

Customer experience (CX) is gaining attention, and within business-to-business (B2B) organisations it is a key driver of loyalty. Meanwhile, clients and prospects, which instinctively compare business interactions with their consumer experiences, are raising their expectations of B2B relationships.

Companies may be the customers, but people make the decisions. That's why B2B organisations find their customers compare them to the experiences they have as consumers, and find themselves being judged against Apple- and Amazon-like experiences when it comes to ease of doing business and gaining extra value.

As a result, more than half of large B2Bs seek to be a category leader in customer experience within three years, a level of ambition that will make it much harder for competitors to ignore CX management. However, research shows that most B2Bs still need to master the basics.