Walmart - Hispanic: Wonder Every Day

Many Hispanics shop at Walmart for their basic needs, but as they come out of the recession more have the choice to shop elsewhere for their wants. Walmart needed to enable the "live better" of the brand promise to reach Hispanics who shop at Walmart by choice, in particular during the critical holiday season. We launched a multi-method qualitative research study. We uncovered inspirational sentiments about the holidays and tangible manifestations to inspire specific ads. The campaign achieved record results: All TV ads exceeded Walmart's copy testing benchmarks, outperformed the other big-box retailers' ads while on air, and increased sales. Results were so successful that the research program was extended into 2016, providing equally strong results with every campaign during 2016.

What was your marketing challenge?

In the wake of the Great Recession, Hispanics developed a "bunker mentality" toward shopping, prioritizing basic needs. Walmart focused on communicating basic categories to a core target of loyalists. However, as the recovery gained strength, mindsets shifted from necessities to discretionary purchases. Walmart needed to enable the "live better" side of the brand promise. A central part of it was to target a different segment of Hispanics who would shop at Walmart by choice, not just by need.