Quidel: Captain Quidel vs. Influenza

Influenza can hospitalize on average more than 200,000 people and cause up to 49,000 deaths each year in the U.S. Yet people treat the disease like the common cold. In their quest to eradicate flu deaths Quidel, a medical diagnostics company, developed testing technology that aggregates near-real time flu test data that allows healthcare providers to see the incidence of flu in their area.

Quidel hired Fizz to educate physicians and the public on the value of flu testing before treatment. During Fizz' research process, we discovered flu information is extremely compelling to consumers.

Fizz employs WOMM techniques to help eradicate influenza apathy. Captain Quidel shares the testing story in everyday settings. VW Flu Bug cars are beacons for flu discussion.


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