Budweiser: Anticipation

Business Opportunity and Objectives

Budweiser's dream is to become the world's first truly global beer brand. In order to achieve this, it was determined that the brand needed a unified global positioning to support stabilization in its home market of the U.S., while supporting growth in other markets around the world. While Budweiser is a leading beer brand in the U.S. and is recognized worldwide, it can present both challenges and opportunities. Anheuser-Busch InBev needed an advertising strategy that would create awareness, desire and need for the brand in a variety of markets around the world.

The research story behind campaign development

Research was a cornerstone for all decisions made and laid the groundwork for the actions required to successfully drive reappraisal in the US and launch or grow the brand in other markets. Research techniques ranged from qualitative studies such as brand strategy work conducted with ABM Research, Ipsos brand positioning work executed across several countries, Ipsos global copy testing (including traditional metrics of sales and equity effectiveness and conscious and unconscious emotional reaction), package testing as well as digital pretesting to understand effectiveness of a website on the brand and using key metrics from Google Analytics.