In today's complex media world, the question of ad effectiveness is increasingly important. However, the valid comparison of various media strategies concerning their effectiveness is methodically difficult –particularly considering the multi optional ecosystem of video advertising.

Targeting promises to be a key driver for market success, as it avoids waste by addressing only relevant customers and thus seems to be highly efficient. On the other hand, consumer research suggests that mass marketing often is more effective. "Brands should always think about inclusion first, rather than exclusion", is one of the findings of marketing scientist Byron Sharp in his latest marketing textbook.

Obviously, it is crucial to assess the value of mass marketing for the market success of a brand compared to the selective function of online targeting. Existing surveys and experimental settings can help to estimate the advertising impact in terms of cognitive performance indicators such as awareness or purchase intent. On the other hand, marketing mix models show the impact of marketing activities on business performance. However, none of these methods is capable to quantify the real, lifelike effects that advertising unfolds in different media.