The Fit Factor: New frontiers for contextual relevance in television advertising

Pranav Yadav and Dave Kaplan
Neuro-Insight US and NBCUniversal


In this paper, Neuro-Insight and Bravo present results from a major neuromarketing study on the impact of contextual television advertising. The research indicates that a media/creative fit of several types can be successfully utilized to increase memory encoding for TV commercials. In particular, hybrid ads (which incorporate talent or other show elements with an advertiser's brand message) achieve the highest levels of effectiveness of all formats tested. Additionally, the research suggests that neo-contextual matches based on aligning thematic qualities of the creative with a program can outperform standard matches based on product category, and may be an underinvested portion of the market. Expanding opportunities for contextual relevance is suggested as one approach to mitigate the challenges posed by increased fragmentation and ad avoidance.