"Do you know the best metric to measure a brand's marketing performance?"

This is the question that clients are asking, from financial services to packaged goods, from electronics to beverages.

Traditionally, brand consideration has been the metric of choice for the marketing team and it is often the metric tied to bonuses. But how helpful is it in making marketing investment decisions and having as the focus for performance related pay?

The following case study with Delta Air Lines shows the development of a new metric, which we believe is more relevant for marketing teams today.

The backdrop

Big data. Proliferating touchpoints. Programmatic marketing. Ad blocking.

There is increasing complexity and confusion.

How can the marketing team monitor all the touchpoints it is responsible for? Are the digital figures, issued by different media and research companies, accurate? How valid are the advertising pre testing scores when they have been tested online in research conditions and get shown on TV, mobile and cinema in very different physical and emotional contexts?