I. Introduction

Brand growth is the mantra of marketers. Today the number of new tools available to help marketers achieve brand growth is multiplying annually. The new focus is on large scale databases, data science, artificial intelligence, biometrics, and the beginnings of a true marketing science. However, all of this is competing for attention within the context of established marketing processes, advertiser-agency relationship structures, and higher order degrees of complexity of communication. The result is that "good enough" often substitutes for adoption of proven innovations.

This is a case study not only of high relevance to all marketers for the importance of its discoveries, but also as exemplary of the openness to new ideas and the rigor of proofs that the best companies are employing to ensure brand growth against a horde of competitors who often have more marketing dollars. We thank the CPG advertiser for its leadership in giving permission to publish this anonymized case study for the benefit of all marketers.

II. Brand Background