Author: James Champ

Yellow Pages: Talking Pages


Increase the number of calls to the service.

Talking Pages is a national 24hour telephone information service operating on the Freefone number 0800 600 900. The service consists of a database of paid advertisers and the Yellow Pages free entry database. A caller will ask for, say, a French restaurant in West London, and will be offered information on up to three restaurants.

Although Talking Pages' revenue comes from advertisers calls are vital, for what business will advertise in an information service which nobody uses? More calls mean a better product for advertisers.


Telephones are the future. According to the Henley Centre the annual number of calls per capita to 0800/0345 numbers will grow by 40% by 2002, to an average of one a week. The number of mobile phones in circulation will more than double by the year 2004. A new generation is growing up, permanently in touch with each other and with the services around them. Connectivity is becoming allembracing: in the future the telephone will be with you all the time, an extra limb with which you can reach out as far as your imaginati0n permits. Talking Pages fits into this phonetopia perfectly.