Agency: DDB London Author: Alex Huzzey

Weedol – Looking on the Bright Side of Death


Weedkiller advertising has typically been utterly rational, simply a matter of pointing out how well the product works. In the case of Weedol, this presented us with a problem, in that our competitors' efficacy claims were far more impressive. We therefore had to find a emotionally engaging way of presenting the claims of the brand.

The problem was, conventional thinking told us that people hated weedkillers and weedkilling. Killing weeds was a messy and tedious chore which involved sloshing toxic chemicals over your beloved garden. Necessary, but unpleasant.

This paper will show how planning was able to question these assumptions, and open up a whole new creative territory. Contrary to what we'd assumed, using Weedol wasn't actually a tedious chore after all. It was a pleasure, the delicious. gratuitous pleasure of killing . . .