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Brand: Volvo
Client: Volvo
Agency: N/A


Safety is Volvo's greatest strength. It is what makes a Volvo a Volvo. However, safety was no longer going to be enough if the brand was going to make a push into the premium car segment. The category valued dominance, power and status symbols.

The problem was that Volvo stood for something different. They were seen as emotionally safe, as well as functionally safe. It's as if Volvo cared too much. People didn't emotionally buy into the brand. Our task was to find a new interpretation of premium that challenged conventions and excited new interest.

We found a subset of the premium audience that we could work with - people who believed in going their own way. They are our 'Defiant Pioneers'. That lead us to the insight that sits at the core of the brand and audience; people move the world forward, not cars.

Volvo could give this audience the strength to go their own way. To do this required embodying the non-conformist approach in the work we created, the stories we told and how we behaved in media. We turned 5-seconds idents into trailers for our Human Made Stories documentaries that gave Volvo an added edge.