Campaign details

Brand: Childline / Vodafone
Client: Childline / Vodafone
Agency: Wavemaker

Exec Summary

Childline has a vision to see an Ireland where no child goes unheard. Vodafone Foundation partnered with Childline to help them achieve this vision. We were briefed with building awareness of the partnership.

Planning pushed the brief forward to change it from a tactical awareness drive to a piece of behaviour change work that made a real difference to the lives of Irish children.

There were 4 key planning leaps that drove a strong creative response:

  1. We identified the true problem: Awareness wasn't an issue for Childline, willingness to call was. While 42% of 8-10 year olds were aware of Childline, just 14% would consider calling them.
  2. We un-earthed the insight behind this problem: Childline was seen to be a threat, not a solution (akin to calling the Police).
  3. We reframed Childline from a telephone number to call, into a leader and educator on the power of conversation for children.
  4. We borrowed from the best to get children interested: We gave our creatives the prompt: 'What Would Roald Dahl Do?'