Campaign details

Brand: Tropicana
Client: PepsiCo
Agency: AMV BBDO

Executive summary

What you're about to read is the story of how we turned a declining brand, in a declining category, to growth by using communications to encourage people to consume less of a product per serving.

In 2015, the juice category was in double digit decline, and as the major brand within it, Tropicana was being hit hard. People who used to drink juice every morning and were happy to pay a premium for Tropicana were questioning its health credentials and therefore were drinking juice much less frequently. They no longer saw Tropicana as a nutritious start to the day.

But the truth is, Tropicana is a fantastically nutritious drink. It's 100% natural, contains one of your 5 a day, 60% of your daily vitamin C, vitamin B9, potassium and contains no added sugar. The problem is people don't know that 150ml is the recommended portion size. And it's once you go over this recommended serving size that the sugar levels sound worryingly high. We needed to re-educate consumers on how to enjoy Tropicana, and that they should actually be drinking less of it per serving.