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Brand: Subbuteo
Client: Hasbro
Agency: N/A


What if a board game was responsible for gender inequality? Well, not exactly, but hear us out.

In this paper, we show how the smallest signifiers can lead to the largest biases and how a 2 inch figurine can spark a national conversation and break the record for attendance at a Women's FA Cup Final by 10,000.

Our task was twofold.

Sell more tickets to the women's FA Cup Final

Celebrate and promote women's football and get women excited about the idea of playing and watching football.

We also had to get over the hurdle of a very small budget.

Our approach was therefore to focus on an earned first strategy which would not only drive conversation and generate the mass of coverage we needed, but also highlight and tackle some of the implicit biases we all have in relation to women's football.

Splitting our audiences, we used nostalgia to engage sport media in order to drive coverage and amplification, while also shining a light on inequality to grab the attention of women of all ages, showing them that they too could be footballers