Campaign details

Brand: Radiocentre
Client: Radiocentre
Agency: Lucky Generals


It's a modern planning cliche that we should 'Get into popular culture'.

But this objective often sees brands desperately chasing the same national conversations and attaching themselves to the same passion points (Music! Sport!) as their competitors.

This paper suggests that, sometimes, a more fruitful approach is to focus on a micro-culture.

That's the approach we took to help Radiocentre, who are responsible for promoting commercial radio to UK advertisers.

We recognised we were dealing with a peculiar micro-culture. Marketers consume media completely differently from normal people, and as a result they were underrepresenting commercial radio in their plans.

But rather than abandon our own medium in pursuit of their attention we used another insight about marketing culture (marketing people are ego-driven and love to gossip) to make some radio ads they would actually notice.