In 2015, the John Lewis brand occupied a special place in the public's affections. Over the previous 10 years, its communications had repeatedly stolen the nation's hearts and lead it to become Britain's most trusted brand.

John Lewis also, however, sold insurance.

John Lewis Insurance, was a typical retail brand extension like so many that had gone before it (e.g. Tesco Mobile etc.).

But there was a difference - unlike other brand extensions, its 2015 campaign couldn't just focus on selling hard within the conventions of the category. This would've damaged the John Lewis brand (in 2015, insurance was the nation's least trusted industry) and failed to meet the campaign's business objectives.

To justify the expense to the partnership, this brand extension campaign had to do double-duty:

sell insurance and deliver a pay-back to the parent brand.

This was a unique challenge - brand extension marketing usually only worked to draw from the value of the brand, not give back to it.