Campaign details

Brand: Gillette
Client: P&G
Agency: Grey

Exec Summary

Gillette has always been the home of high-performance design. Strategic thinking helped to create a new product, Gillette TREO, for a category with a previously unserved audience.

It came from a heartbreaking emotional insight - the moment when a son, taught to shave carefully and diligently by his father, must become the caregiver as the parent enters old age. It's a moment when all you are certain of in life begins to come apart at the seams. Shaving offers a last vestige of dignity - and universally, razors were letting men down.

There have been more than 4000 razors designed to shave yourself. There have been no razors designed to help you shave another person.

The result of this was TREO, the world's first razor designed for assisted shaving. It's completed a successful trial and planned for launch soon.