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Brand: Financial Conduct Authority
Client: Financial Conduct Authority
Agency: M&C Saatchi


Over thinking strangles creativity

It can be easy to over engineer a campaign and as planners we're often encouraged to. It's possible to have a bespoke strategy for every channel, segment every message by audience need, track responses in real time and move everything around accordingly. We create complex campaign structures to show how everything fits together. We sleepwalk into a belief that doing this somehow proves our value.

The more complicated the campaign we plan, the tighter the restrictions we put on the creative idea. Planning can inadvertently strangle creativity before it breathes.

This paper's a celebration of how planning liberated creativity by making a few firm decisions.

Very few.

Two in fact.

Two firm decisions that made the screaming head of a Hollywood icon the logical answer to a very British problem, PPI complaints.