Campaign details

Brand: Duchenne UK
Client: Duchenne UK
Agency: WCRS


Duchenne is a rare muscle-wasting disease that almost exclusively affects males. It's 100% fatal.

Charity Duchenne UK is fundraising for a cure. We wanted to use communications to help but faced significant challenges. Firstly, they had zero marketing budget so we'd have to find a way of transcending paid for advertising. Secondly, awareness and understanding of the disease was minimal so we'd have to find a way of explaining Duchenne to the mainstream.

We started by reframing the disease to make it easier to grasp. Duchenne attacks sufferers' muscles until they can no longer walk or breathe on their own. Most won't live past their twenties. But we realised living with this reality makes them anything but weak. So we'd shift focus from their physical weakness to their inner strength.