Campaign details

Brand: Diesel Clothing
Client: Diesel Clothing
Agency: Publicis Italy


People had fallen out of love with Diesel and turned their backs on the once iconic brand. Diesel was no longer a sight in the streets, while most competitors enjoyed a logomania revival. Even arch-rival Levi's made it back with its retro classic white t-shirt with big red logo.

Two seasons ago we had reintroduced big logos to Diesel apparel. But no matter how much we invested into our new brand campaign, people didn't buy our basics.

We had to find a way to get our name back into the streets, because if a brand isn't visible it doesn't exist. We learned that the hard way.

Diesel's new brand platform "Go with the Flaw" was going against the tyranny of perfection in the world and in the fashion industry in particular.

So, we decided to turn things around the Diesel way: challenging the righteousness and perfection of a brand logo.