Campaign details

Brand: Center Parcs
Client: Colin Whaley
Agency: Brothers & Sisters


With a new village just opened, Center Parcs came to us with a tricky brief - to acquire enough customers to fill 20% more capacity, whilst maintaining the high price point. This paper will tell the story of how planning helped to articulate a powerful and salient emotional positioning, and in doing so helped transform perceptions of Center Parcs from an expensive break into a brand that stood for one of the most important things in life - spending uninterrupted time with family. We did this through reframing a Center Parcs break to be about value for time, rather than value for money. In a modern world which pulls families apart through technology, work, chores, and schedules, Center Parcs strips that all away and gives you space in nature to give your undivided attention to those who matter most. By finding this big emotional benefit, we were also able to render many rational barriers for first time bookers null and void. Through the platform of Undivided Attention, we have created two campaigns - "Bears" and "Forest" - both of which highlight the joy that comes from giving those you love your undivided attention.