Campaign details

Brand: British Red Cross
Client: British Red Cross
Agency: Creature of London

The power of Kindness


This is the story of a search for unity, and the ability of an inarguable truth to provide it.

A story that begins shortly after the Brexit vote, and continues through a 2017 summer that will be remembered for the attacks in Westminster, London Bridge and Manchester, and the Grenfell fire.

And - honestly - this is a story that is yet to reach its ending.

Yet, set against a context of division, diversity of opinion and significant crisis, this is a story of hope.

A story of a client and agency team searching for, and finding, the kind of universal, inarguable truth had the power to create change.

Powerful enough to unite the country's largest volunteer organisation, inspire change from the inside-out, create a nuanced conversation about morality, and (given the right circumstances) bring a nation together.