babylon is a brand new way to access healthcare. A 'doctor in your pocket'. Their mission? Affordable healthcare in the hands of everyone on earth.

But sometimes, you need to think smaller. Sometimes your biggest selling point is your biggest enemy. And sometimes, it takes a planner to see it.

Who do you stand next to? And what to stand against?

In this paper we will show how ignoring the category can be more effective than disrupting it.

How reframing your point of comparison can unlock consideration.

How we turned one of the most common modern-day behaviours to our advantage, priming babylon for mass adoption.

And how not trying to change the world might just change it.

A doctor in your pocket?

babylon is a brand new way to access healthcare.

Founder Dr Ali Parsa created the app as a solution to the "phone calls, appointments, having to take half a day off... it's inconvenient, expensive and difficult"1.