Television has long been the go-to medium for reaching audiences at scale. The first TV advertisement in the U.S. – a spot for Bulova Watch – aired in 1941, costing the company a cool $9, Quartz reports. That spot opened the floodgates for the TV advertising industry to grow into what's now an estimated $70 billion industry.

It makes sense that TV commercials quickly became one of the most popular ad media buys among consumer marketers. Nothing captures the attention quite like a well-crafted television ad.

Even so, TV has a growing number of doubters in the consumer marketing community. They may have heard anecdotal evidence that viewer attention is fragmenting across screens and media formats, cord-cutting is spreading quickly, and younger generations are less interested in TV content. Things are changing, it's true – but it doesn't mean TV is going away. TV is still worthy of attention from brand marketers.

TV Is Still the Best Choice for Reach and Engagement