The advertising industry has spent the better part of a decade getting its arms around programmatic media buying and the massive efficiencies — and dramatically different processes — that come with it. And with more than 85 percent of digital display ad dollars being spent programmatically by 2020, as eMarketer projects, it's clear that comfort with and adoption of programmatic media buying have reached near ubiquity.

Now things are going to get fun. Enter programmatic creative, the next logical frontier for the programmatic advertiser. Programmatic creative — in which technology automates the production of dynamic creative assets tailored to the individual — represents the true culmination of the advertiser's long-sought dream of "right person, right ad, right place, right time." Programmatic media buying and its intense focus on finding the right audience has delivered "the right person." Programmatic creative moves advertisers forward in terms of finding that right ad, right place, and right time.