It's a yawning chasm throughout the marketing terrain: 85 percent of CMOs believe that big, creative ideas that build brand and emotional connections are critical for future success — but just 54 percent say they can currently deliver on those capabilities. That's one of the key findings from the "Make Change Real 2019 CMO Survey," released last year by the Dentsu Aegis Network.

The survey, which took the pulse of 1,000 global CMOs, enumerates the obstacles that marketers face in the "post-optimization era," as their efforts to transform brands into engines for long-term growth are hampered by short-term planning cycles, shrinking budgets, and misaligned organizational structures.

"Marketers agree and understand that they can and should be part of the transformation, and use digital technology not just as media channels but as a source for rethinking business models," says Dirk Herbert, chief strategy officer at Dentsu Aegis Network USA. "But even though there is the understanding of the role that marketing — and marketing leaders — ultimately should play, there are a number of barriers that make it tough for many marketers to step into that role and live up to that vision."