Hometown pride is a very real emotion that likely exists in the majority of Americans from coast to coast. To get a better sense of hometown pride, ask people if they listen a little more intently at the mere mention of their hometown? Do they have an affinity for a local sports team no matter how good or bad they may be? Do they tend to compare other places to their hometown. Have they ever heard a story stemming from a friend's hometown? If the answer is yes to any or all of these questions, that is the impact localism has on creating personal relevance and meaningful connections with consumers.

Whether marketing nationally, regionally, or locally, brands are reaching out with their messages where consumers live, work, and consume. Understanding local cultural nuances, tapping into current events, and helping to shape local trends makes a difference in establishing long-term relationships with those consumers.

RAB took the pulse of more than 350 attendees at the 2019 ANA Masters of Marketing Week and found that 72.4 percent of marketers indicated it was important or very important for their media efforts to engage locally with consumers.