Disk Integrity

Sustaining the highest advertising standards

Gunnar Waldman,

Okay, so you’ve completed a very successful branding campaign and everybody knows your name. Great! Now it’s time to put a little substance in your advertising. Let the world know what your product can do.

Is your product better than everybody else’s hands down, or should you maybe make a qualification or two? How are you going to prove your claims? Can you prove them? I can help you with some of these answers. After many years of producing media and copy for major national advertisers, I now work for the ad industry’s self-regulatory body: The National Advertising Division.

For those of you who don’t know us, here’s a brief overview: In 1971, the advertising community, under threat of heavy federal regulation, formed the National Advertising Review Council, or NARC (I know, I know), a coalition of the AAAA, the AAF, the ANA, and the CBBB. NARC established a self-regulatory program to help sustain high standards in national advertising. Today, that program consists of three separate bodies.