Campaign details

Advertiser: Uber Technologies
Brand: Uber
Agency: Zulu Alpha Kilo
Country: Canada

Campaign Summary

Impaired driving, a problem around the world, is surprisingly prevalent in Canada. Research from the Centers for Disease Control found that of the world's 19 wealthiest countries Canada ranks first in the percentage of roadway deaths due to impairment. Over a third of road fatalities involve alcohol. In a country that gets so many things right, that was an uncomfortable truth. Uber, in partnership with Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), asked us to apply the disruptive thinking for which Uber is known to address that unacceptable fact. We were given a mandate to develop an advocacy campaign for the holiday season, when impaired driving is particularly prevalent and devastating. Such high rates of impaired driving clearly meant Canadians were desensitized to the familiar arguments. So we framed the issue in a more emotional way – as a loss of motherhood – bringing people face to face with the impact of impaired driving through the story of one woman's incredible commitment. It proved to be as powerful as it was poignant.

Marketing Context