Campaign details

Brand/Sponsor: The Legacy Store Berlin

Title: #PaintBack

Campaign Cost: low-budget (under $100,000)

Campaign Scope: National

Advertising Agency: HEIMAT, Berlin

Campaign Start: 03/23/2016

Campaign Ends: 04/06/2016

Campaign Ran: Germany

Campaign Description: Activation campaign

Campaign Summary

The Legacy Store Berlin, a shop for graffiti culture and art tools, thinks of graffiti as a language to spread joy. However, there's one symbol that is about spreading hate: the Hakenkreuz (the Swastika). You can remove it. But how about using it as a medium to send back a different message? In Spring 2016, we encouraged artists to turn messages of hate into messages of joy. Artist inspired, anyone could join. It was more than a campaign. It was a common commitment: Let's fight hate. And paint back! The idea went viral immediately: word of #PaintBack's work spread from Berlin over the whole world, from LeFigaro to New York Times, from social media to TV. But most importantly: places of fear turned back into places of joy. And the movement hasn't stopped.

Marketing Context