Campaign details

Advertiser: OVK / PEVR (Parents of Road Victims)
Brand: OVK / PEVR (Parents of Road Victims)
Agency: Happiness
Country: Belgium

Campaign Summary

'Behind the numbers' is a year-long radio campaign you'd rather not hear. Because every time it airs somebody just died in traffic. In real-time. One adapted and unique radio spot for each road victim. Minutes after it happened. Every day again, unfortunately. To illustrate the scale of the problem to everybody listening to the radio, mostly while driving. By doing so, the organization 'Parents of Road Victims' wants to turn each lost life into a reason to drive more carefully. In real-time. Each unique spot was recorded by real parents of road victims.

Marketing Context

Aim was to create a long term plan to turn each victim into a radio ad, urging people to drive more carefully, likely reaching them while in traffic.

Campaign Planning