Campaign details

Advertiser: Nissan
Brand: Micra
Agency: In the Company of Huskies
Country: Ireland

Campaign Summary

With Nissan Micra global sales tanking, Nissan, a multinational automotive manufacturer came close to killing off the Micra brand. A new design was developed for Micra, but would that be enough for a relaunch in Ireland, a country that scoffed at driving a "granny's car". The market for new cars in Ireland was declining by -10.4% in 2017. Nissan Ireland's market share was also in decline, they badly needed to recruit new customers. Faced with these challenges, Nissan Ireland made the brave decision not to use the European campaign as it didn't address the cynical views of Irish consumers. Saying no was a big risk as we had to justify investing in new creative. Knowing there was a lot at stake, Huskies developed a powerful bespoke Irish campaign "No More Nice Car" to revitalise the dying car in a declining segment.

The film, which broke category conventions, became a viral hit turning a generation of brand rejecters into brand supporters by shattering preconceptions of the brand. Sales increased by 106%, doubling Nissan share of the small car segment to 10% whereas other countries maintained a 2-4% share after launch. The car was the same across Europe, the only difference was Ireland's strategic and creative approach. It's fair to conclude that the campaign was the main contributor to the success of the launch and reversing the fortunes of the Micra brand in Ireland.

Marketing Context