Campaign details

Brand: Mercedes-Benz
Agency: Socialize
Country: United Arab Emirates

Marketing context

Electrification, autonomous driving and on-demand mobility concepts like Uber and Careem are changing the automotive industry with a momentum we have never experienced before. New competitors are entering our market and changing the rules of the game. Marketing is affected too. Luxury car manufacturers are all competing for the attention of a new, younger audience as brand loyalty in this industry is largely defined by the entry level car that you drive, or aspire to drive. Our challenge was to stand-out from the competition and convert the younger, in-market audience into a Mercedes-Benz driver. Getting them to test-drive our cars is an important milestone within their purchase decision cycle as we know that, on average, 40% will buy.

Campaign planning

At 124% penetration, the disruptive growth of mobile in the Middle East has changed the way people consume content. The majority of mobile time is spent inside social apps like Facebook – where almost 85-95% of this region's internet users are active, logging in, on average, 14 times a day, making it the most valuable media platform in the region. With this in mind, we decided to leverage Facebook in a way that harnessed its potential, not just to increase the size of the brand's social communities or levels of engagement, but to truly build the Mercedes-Benz business.

Marketing and media strategy