Campaign details

Advertiser: McDonald's
Brand: McDonald's
Agency: Fp7 Bey/UM Bey
Country: Lebanon

Campaign Summary

Every world cup "the winner takes it all". With every game played, the winners bask in glory while another group feels left out: The Losers. What could we do to capture these people, increasing in number every day, who are in need of comfort? Cheer them up! So we created our own type of sponsorship: sponsors of cheering up. Complete with its mascot: Mr. Cheers, and with the biggest series of content and social stunts ever done in Lebanon, we went after the losers: right after each game we gave them gifts, offers and even much needed therapy.

Marketing Context

The McDonald's brand was not doing well. McDonald's was still loved by families and younger adults but it had some tough competition. With direct competitors pulling price wars and other affordable restaurants like Roadsters, Crepaway and others having better equity than us, we needed the brand to regain its status and represent happiness, inclusiveness and fun. Get everyone to say "I'm Lovin it" again.

Contrary to what some might think, quick service restaurants face problems during the World Cup. If you don't have an outstanding offer that matches the competition's and don't have enough equity to be on people's top considerations a food brand might struggle to keep up. This and the fact that we can't even air the games to get people in and watch it nearly dooms the business for a month and a half in the middle of summer, our supposed highest season for sales.

The games were mostly during dinner time. With everyone at shisha cafes or at home watching the game we could only talk to them and engage with them before or after the games. But what's the point of engaging with people who simply cannot change their behavior until the world cup is over? That was one of the biggest challenges we were facing.

Campaign Planning