Campaign details

Advertiser Hornbach Holding
Brand: Hornbach
Agency: Heimat Werbeagentur GmbH
Country: Germany

Campaign Summary

Pick a random person in the streets and, chances are, he or she will be stressed. The reasons are plenty: screaming bosses, junk food from the microwave, the hours spent in front of screens, the pressure to keep up with social media. All these things are getting to us. For its Spring campaign, German DIY retailer Hornbach decided to tap into this context, by offering an unexpected solution to deal with these everyday worries: gardening. Yes, DIY can be the ultimate stress therapy. So, instead of showing happy families enjoying their picture-perfect backyards, Hornbach chose to celebrate the hard, physical work that comes before the play. Hornbach stylized human sweat as a catharsis, as a deep cleanse from the inside and as a clean slate, triggered by vision and will. A tribute to liberation, only experienced by those who go beyond their limits. Whatever's bugging us: It will be history. Forgotten in effort. Forgiven in sweat. In Hornbach's words: Sweat it out. This fresh take on gardening paid off, with significant lifts on brand awareness and preference, and, most importantly, store visits. Hornbach became the place to prepare for all the sweating.

Marketing Context