How hiding a restaurant proved that Yellow Pages worked better than ever - the Hidden Plaza Restaurant

Agency: Clemenger BBDO & Proximity, Melbourne

Advertiser: Yellow Pages

Author: Chris Howatson

Total Campaign Expenditure: $5-10 million


How do we get Australian businesses to once again believe in the effectiveness of Yellow Pages, when they currently see the brand as nothing more than an outdated print directory?

This was the crippling business problem Yellow Pages were facing at the start of 2010. Small businesses (advertisers) were rapidly losing confidence in the ability of Yellow Pages to drive customers to their businesses and consequentially were questioning the value of their current advertising packages. To all intents and purposes they were saying Yellow Pages didn't work and voting with their advertising dollars. With over AUD1.2 billion in revenues to protect and the annual selling cycle due to kick off in the April of 2010, Yellow Pages needed to change advertiser perceptions fast, or risk a catastrophic 20-30% decline in total business revenue -thousands of jobs were on the line.