Experience the future

Nick Hirst

Why Experience Architecture is the future of planning

We need to transcend the often polar disciplines of 'conceptual' (creative agency) and 'practical' (media agency) planning to deliver, not communications, but great brand experiences.

In a way, the history of planning is a history of tension. It was even invented in two places, quite possibly with different agendas. John Griffiths writes in 'Where next? Account planning at 40' (Admap, April 2008) of the 'twin polarities' of planning as conceived by Stanley Pollitt of BMP and Stephen King at JWT, 'the one through the optimisation of the creative work using research groups and the second through the development of a clear and single-minded strategy'.

Now it feels planning has split even further. I don't mean the fact that slightly different flavours of planners exist, from rigorous quantocrats to inspiring cultural critics. I mean the difference between 'conceptual' planners and 'practical' planners.