Unlock Amazon's hidden value

Thomas Stelter

Thomas Stelter describes how Amazon's ARA, AMS and AAP tools offer rich data on customers and insight into their purchase journey, enabling better targeting and a more effective presence in the store.

The new creativity in shopper marketing

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The image of the mad scientist doesn't really lie. They're found working day and night, always dreaming up new things, and unable to explain why they matter

You might think they're confined to fiction, but in truth a lot of innovative companies are like that too, and Amazon in particular.

Whether it's drones, Dash, or AmazonFresh, the company is always finding new ways to sell and deliver stuff. But if you're like most of the marketing world, you probably don't know that Amazon has also been doing some serious innovation for you as well. The results so far are three poorly known but extremely useful tools: Amazon Retail Analytics (ARA), Amazon Marketing Services (AMS), and the Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP). Together, they offer significant insight into your customers' purchasing paths, as well as enable you to target customers with surprising accuracy.