Partnering for growth

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At a glance

Brand collaboration has reached a tipping point in the US fashion industry. Brands need to orchestrate more meaningful partnerships to stand out from the crowd.

Why it matters

The fashion industry has been an early adopter at tapping into the opportunities of a brand partnership strategy. As it is now experiencing collaboration fatigue, other industries need to sit up and take notice. How can brands stand out from the clutter?


  • Storytelling and context are critical tools when establishing a point of difference with brand partnerships.
  • What value, convenience and service can you offer to your consumers with a brand partnership?
  • How can you involve your consumers in the process? Could you co-create something meaningful with your influencers?

Action points

  • Brands need to employ long-term solutions for sustained interest. To stand out from the clutter of collaboration overload, it's about orchestrating meaningful unions that can service new and existing customers.
  • Prioritise storytelling and offer some context behind a collection in order to establish a point of difference and avoid being seen as just another collaboration.
  • In the future, valuable collaborations must solve problems, add convenience or enhance existing offerings.
  • Consider subscribing to the drop model as a means to engineer continued interest and routine brand check-ins.
  • Involve the consumer in the journey and encourage them to leverage social tools to provide immediate feedback during the planning stages.