How to grow via premiumisation

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Need to know

  • In recent years the traditional price/status hierarchy has broken down – mid-market brands have suffered as consumers trade both up and down.
  • Status has become less about what you have and more about who you are.
  • Two thirds of consumers not only say they want sustainable products or experiences but actively switch to boycott a brand based on their sustainability credentials – companies are therefore growing increasingly conscious of their role in sustainability and building it into their brand’s goals.
  • Mindful of waste, brands are looking for secondary packaging to be beautifully designed, to be kept rather than thrown away.
  • Everyday products are being elevated to bring a little touch of luxury through local traditions, beautiful cut outs, single origin or being wrapped in emotion.
  • Premium brands are moving away from a smooth, glossy perfection to embrace a more rugged imperfect aesthetic that stimulates the here and now – they are looking to the Earth and universe for inspiration.
  • A flawed, subversive mash-up and ‘ugly’ design aesthetic is also emerging as luxury fashion houses move away from manicured products and marketing campaigns and mix high-brow and low-brow (street culture) to appeal to a younger generation.