Winning in the era of brand experience

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One of the greatest teaching resources we have is Monty Python’s Life of Brian. It shows us to think for ourselves, tightens up our Latin grammar and demonstrates that getting too niche on the big subjects tends to go wrong.

There are obvious parallels to strategy in the age of experience! It needs to be flexible and revolve around many different brand and business imperatives. It’s a broad church. However, it does have its different sects and splinter movements all vehement that theirs is "the only way". In the Life of Brian the three groups – the People’s Front of Judea, the Judean Popular Peoples’ Front and the Judean People’s Front – teach us this. It never leads to meaningful consensus, only missed opportunities.

But why is it important for us to unite under one banner? More than ever before, strategy can have a big impact on the core of a business. A lot of creative services have existed and shown strong performance metrics, but we’re in a time of change and where some of these services have been successful before, we’re slipping into what Forrester would call "digital sameness".