Audio: Prospering in the ever-present medium

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Need to know

  • From smart speakers to the Internet of Things, consumer relationships with brands are increasingly shaped by sonic experiences
  • Consumers can process sonic information much faster than the text equivalent, meaning brand perception is increasingly driven – consciously and subconsciously – by sound and music association
  • Effective audio branding is much more than a jingle or ident – it should be a ‘sonic DNA’ running through every facet of the brand. When deployed correctly, it can provide a powerful emotional boost
  • Brands like Skype, Intel and McDonald’s have been using sonic branding practices for decades, particularly through jingles and idents
  • However, according to amp’s first Audio Brand Index, even the top-ranked companies (jointly McDonald’s and Disney) are achieving limited effectiveness due to a focus on sonic logos over audio coherency
  • Sound should play an important part in product design and shaping customer experience
  • Sonic branding will become as vital to a brand’s overall identity as its visual personality