Social media ROI: Measure more than likes and shares

Jamie Robinson and Mobbie Nazir
We Are Social

Social media measurement can be linked to brand outcomes, such as campaign brand effect. Jamie Robinson and Mobbie Nazir demonstrate how this was done for social campaigns for Jaguar and Barilla.

Over 32 million. That's the number of search results in Google if you search for that infamous term, 'social media RoI'. And the reality is that a lot of what you find written about the topic is confused. We seem to be stuck in a cycle of wanting more accountability for social media, not knowing where to find this accountability, and mistrust of anyone who says they have any answers.

So why are we here? Well, let's face it, as an industry we're really not helping ourselves. First, we have the social media technology vendors promising one-stop-shop solutions. While many of these tools are extremely valuable to track activity, rarely do they go deep enough to measure the true impact of social activity.