Generation Z (for marketing, those aged 16–19) are important to brands because they are a distinct group already making and influencing purchases across many key categories.

Fortunately, there is an increasing amount of data that helps explain their behaviours, attitudes and responses to advertising. Kantar Millward Brown's AdReaction: Engaging Gen X, Y and Z study looks at key media consumption patterns, attitudes towards advertising and responses to specific creative approaches. It is based on surveys of more than 23,000 consumers in thirty-nine countries and qualitative research among Gen Z in the US, Germany and China. Thirty-one ads were also tested across TV and digital platforms in ten countries.

AdReaction answers three key questions facing marketers about Gen Z. First, what are Gen Z's characteristics, desires, likes and dislikes, and how do they want to interact with brands? Second, how do the media attitudes and behaviours of Gen Z (under 20) differ from Millennials (Gen Y, currently 20–34-year-olds) and Baby Busters (Gen X, currently 35–49-year-olds)? And third, what kind of creative content best engages Gen Z?