Data and creativity

This article introduces a series of articles on data and creativity. Read more.

The emergence of Big Data as a new informative, more precise tool in audience targeting and brand communications was not universally welcomed. Some creative folk saw data as the enemy of creativity, a barrier to the natural individual human instinct and empathy on which so many great advertising campaigns have been built.

However, as the opportunities to advertise to mass markets with the same message diminish, as consumers expect more directly relevant and personalised messaging and, as advertisers' budgets are squeezed to extract more efficiency, data (big and small) is now being widely employed in enhancing the creative communication and in effective audience targeting.

So, this Admap issue is devoted to ways in which marketers can 'Get Creative, with Data', with seven papers showing how a broad range of brands including Adidas, ING, British Airways, Lynx, the Tennessee Tourism Board and Formula 1 are adopting data in creative ways.