Marketing Embraces New Technology

This article introduces a series of articles on how marketing is embracing AI, AR and VR. Read more.

It was Watson who started it all off; when IBM's artificially intelligent beast took on the brainiest humans on US TV show Jeopardy and won the one million dollar prize. That was in 2011. Since then, we've seen endless pontifications on how robots are going to take over the world ... and revolutionise marketing.

The revolution was slow to unfold, but we are now starting to see the first signs, with theory and prediction progressing to practical application. So in this Admap Focus, we reveal the various ways in which AI, AR and VR are being applied by brands, with tangible business results, today.

'The Virtual and Augmented Realities of Marketing' summarises progress so far, with examples of applications in VR including automotive brands using VR headsets in a virtual test drive of their cars, and travel brands using VR to put the user in the destination, and hotel, that they want to visit. The cost of VR has limited its adoption; however, cheaper Google Cardboard headsets have enabled brands to use VR at scale in their marketing, such as McDonald's with its Happy Goggles skiing game in the Happy Meal box.