Last word from the East: eCommerce wars

Edward Bell
FCB Greater China

Last month, China eCommerce giant Alibaba announced that it will invest US$4.5 billion in bricks-and-mortar retail Goliath Suning. Although this seems like a bold offensive, when we see this in the context of the maturing China eCommerce scene, we can see that Alibaba really had no choice.

It's fair to say that all anyone wants to talk about in China these days – in marketing circles – is eCommerce. The explosive growth, the emergence of 'Singles' Day' as the 'one hyper buying day to rule them all' and the huge IPO of Alibaba have propelled China eCommerce into something of a celebrity topic. But the honeypot attracts the bears. And we now have massive China-sized bears all frantically clawing at the continually evolving eCommerce culture. Now they are forming e-alliances and are e-ttacking each other.